Aztec Power

Aztec Power

Slot machine test: Aztec power


in the Empire of the Aztecs, which form the basis for the slots "Aztec Power" with its mysterious history. The jungle pyramid are full of secrets that you need to solve. In the America of the past do you looking for gold and sparkling treasures, which hopefully will bring a nice profit you.

"Aztec Power" is a slot machine, which can shine with great graphics and good functionality. Different symbols lead to different ways to win, and with a little luck, you can retrieve your part of the treasure at the end. Using real money playing with mystical symbols is all the more impressive.

Play Aztec Power online now!

Aztec power online game

The old chiefs of the Aztecs are waiting for you and present you with tricky tasks. Only if his turn in this slot the right combinations, you can be happy about winning. "Aztec Power" is a very classic online slot immediately with its clear icons showing whether you or not just won. Before each game you set your stake and choose so that even your potential profits to be as high. Total change 25 paylines across the five reels, which result in the gaming space.

In each round turn the role, so that moving the individual rollers with the symbols and hopefully stay to your favor. It is important that it remain as same symbols on the same payline. These run criss -cross from one to the other side of the online slots. With a click on "Winnings", you can see which symbols can bring what profits. The Chief is doing most lucrative and worthwhile is a special round to be. In General, the symbols are always more valuable than the letters or numbers. It is also in "Aztec Power" so.

To win, you need at least three of the same symbols in a row on a payline. The Golden disk replaces all other symbols except the scatter symbol, which shows a golden stature with the bird. The bird is so wild and can thus series complement or only complete and thus regularly contribute to the profit.

Guide to the Aztec power slots

You have the option of "Aztec Power" in the fun mode or play with real money. If you're real bets, you can win of course also real money. Simply load money on the casino account, select a certain amount for "Aztec Power" and come into play. Before you will turn but, you have to adjust your bet per line will be as high. The minimum bet is 2 and counts for each payline. You should raise the stakes and win, then of course your profit increases.

Used with "Start" the reels in motion. If you use the "auto-start" function of "Aztec Power", the rollers rotate further always automatically set used, until you click again on the button. After turning you see, whether you won, so whether symbols on the lines are equal. Profit, you can use still the gamble feature and lucky to even double the amount. You can also simply take the amount and regularly so keep playing. When the gamble you trying to guess the color of the next drawn card. You do further as long as you're properly.

Free spins in Aztec power

The online slot machine "Aztec Power" has a built-in function the Powerline. Should be at least three times appear the scatter symbol, there are 20 free spins, you can directly use. The first line becomes the Powerline. Should you win on that line, which resolves the profit with a multiplier, is pro-free game round increases and so neatly can double your winnings. After each win, the multiplier to x is reduced 2.

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